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It was like being born again…

the noise of the city, the little time to stop and think, the systematic sleep debt, the feeling of being part of a big gear that limits you … keeps you in – its grip.

An entrepreneur since the age of twenty and a worker since sixteen, this was my life until 2008, when a trip to South America, showed me how far off my path I was.

With the pink lens of the tourist, I saw in people the joy of simplicity, the freedom, to live as one wants and to be what one is, without fear of showing one’s flaws. Perhaps it was not quite like that, but at that moment I was thunderstruck because a new life path had already unconsciously appeared in me, defying all the rules that had been instilled in me; it was the first time I conceived of the OFFLINE universe.


So, amidst the stir of friends and family I moved to northeastern Brazil, one of the richest lands of natural and human treasures there is.

It’s not that I hadn’t traveled before, in fact on the 5 continents I’ve seen more than SO countries, but here (from where I’m writing) there is a special energy, in addition to it always being summer! But something was still missing, I needed to be able to go back to travel, but above all I was missing my great passion: the sea. It under took years but finally with an ambitious project I was able to combine my passions into one, having a houseboat, being able to work and travel the world:

Pasha the starting point for this new journey has arrived:


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